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Jim and Ginny Stockton here, coming to you live and in-person from Galloway, Ohio. We love learning about new ways to live life better, cleaner, and cheaper. We both have lots of interests which include growing cleaner, more nutritious food, along with finding better ways to save on energy costs.

This is our simple website dedicated to sharing some of the things we’ve done with other people all over the world.

The Information Cupboard is dedicated to providing quality information for our readers. Here you will find information, rants, and tips for improving the quality of your food, along with various projects and hints to save on energy costs.

This site is in the format of a ‘weblog’ so that each time we post new information, it will come to the top of the page for the section you are viewing. This means that you can check back frequently to see new updates to the information found here. You can navigate through the site by using the menus on the sides of the page. Also, don’t hesitate to follow the links you see in bold throughout each post to learn more about the items being spoken about.

If you see something here that you like, feel free to leave a comment to let us know. If you try some of these ideas for yourself, we’d love to hear about it. We truly hope you find the information we provide valuable and helpful.

Take care and enjoy….

– Jim & Ginny Stockton